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At the age of 16, Rocky left school in order to work in banking after which he proceeded to his own retail business. Despite being in another field, Rocky had a passion for teaching and he ultimately decided to follow through with his dreams. He commenced his teaching career in his 30s. He worked as a high school teacher and school counsellor for 15 years.

Rocky has a big heart and loves just about everyone. He also has a passion for helping people and is characteristically enthusiastic about partnering with those that share the common will of being of assistance to those that are in need of help.

He is popular for the Accidental Counsellor Training, his brainchild that he conceived, developed and created back in 2007.

Over the years, Rocky has put his great skill and finesse into good use by training more than 5000 school staff, community service workers and allied health and education professionals.

Besides teachers and parents, Rocky also works in schools with students, presenting captivating and educative topics on various matters ranging from Positive Psychology through to Peak Performance Psychology.

rocky biasi

Rocky aims at providing in depth presentation on a wide range of topics. Through his workshops and presentations, he enlightens and educates people on the latest research in wellbeing, mindset and peak performance. He also trains people on how to connect with others and helps them create the change they desire and to face life differently, going through it with energy, inspiration and fulfilment.


In addition, Rocky has presented the Accidental Counsellor Training to over one thousand teachers across Australia, continually receiving rave reviews about his workshops.

In addition, his work mentoring teachers at Emmaus Catholic College was acknowledged by his peers.


  1. “Rocky is a positive role model for the younger generation of teachers and Coordinators.”
  2. “Rocky has developed skills in the pastoral and counselling areas that most teachers have not developed. Formalising a professional development program would be of benefit to all.”


Emmaus Catholic College

Rocky is a gifted presenter and what he presents is powerful and ‘spot on’. Our students and parents have found his presentations excellent and have told us so. I recommend his services very highly.

Chris Welch, Assistant Principal, Emmaus Catholic College


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