The Accidental Counsellor Training Newcastle – May 2012

Accidental Counsellor Training Newcastle – May 2012

27 teachers attended the Accidental Counsellor Training in Newcastle on the 21st and 22nd of May 2012.

I always love the reaction teachers have after they role play the skills I present at the Accidental Counsellor Training. Often, it is “WOW! It is much harder than what it looks”. Often, the experiential nature of the training reaffirms what teachers do well and also what they can improve.

Here are some photos and testimonials from the training.

Accidental Counsellor Training Newcastle – May 2012

Here are testimonials from attendees at the Accidental Counsellor Training in Newcastle 2012.

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The Accidental Counsellor Training workshop was an eye-opener in how to establish and deliver approaches.

Helen Michael, Glendale Technology High School

Thank you for the Accidental Counsellor Training course. There are strategies I will certainly try.

Blake Berczelly, Central Coast Grammar School

I feel I have been provided with ‘practical’ strategies from this insightful Accidental Counsellor Training workshop.

Jodi Clements, Central Coast Grammar School

The Accidental Counsellor workshop is a must for those working in welfare with kids. It gives you the tools to move forward positively with kids who are struggling

Anne Reed, Central Coast Grammar School

The Accidental Counsellor Training workshop was a good learning experience with new techniques learnt.

Glen Power, Narara Valley High School

This Accidental Counsellor Training workshop gave me skills and strategies to not necessarily fix the student’s problems but to give them the chance to talk about their concerns and how they can cope better with their pain/emotion.

Carla Mackay, Newcastle Grammar School

The Accidental Counsellor Training workshop was really enjoyable and useful. I feel empowered as the strategies are very practical and am looking forward to developing the techniques. Also very aware that the Accidental Counsellor workshop strategies are applicable to personal and family relationships – very useful!

Anna Roberts, Newcastle Grammar School

The process of empathising, without judgement, really acknowledging the client’s pain, was extremely beneficial as presented at The Accidental Counsellor Training workshop. The concept of focus on identifying solutions, not fixing the problems was most useful.

Mick Lee, Hunter River High School

The demonstration on how to allow ‘clients’ to work out their problem/solution themselves was a most useful aspect of the Accidental Counsellor Training workshop

Karen Bramble, Hunter River High School

The Accidental Counsellor Training workshop was very rewarding and informative. I feel challenged but with the confidence to implement some positive changes of approach to my counselling role.

Lindsey McMaster, Central Coast Grammar School

This Accidental Counsellor Training workshop was very informative. I’m looking forward to implementing these strategies back at school.

Alison Pope-Moore, Central Coast Grammar School

Thank you so much for a re-energising and challenging few days at the Accidental Counsellor Training workshop that will help kids in need.

Lisa Hall, St Catherine’s Catholic College

The Accidental Counsellor Training workshop was very informative. Looking forward to implementing it at school. Thanks for all of the new ideas! The Accidental Counsellor workshop provided the right kind of information I have been after for a long time.


This Accidental Counsellor Training workshop is about empowering the client with decision making, through empathetic questioning.

Trudy Quartermain, Belmont High School

Attendees from the following schools joined the Accidental Counsellor Training in Newcastle.

  • Glendale Technology High School
  • Central Coast Grammar School
  • Narara Valley High School
  • Newcastle Grammar School
  • Hunter River High School
  • St Catherine’s Catholic College
  • Belmont High School
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