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Congratulations on your purchase of module 14 of the Conscious Classroom Management course.

Now Experience The Full Conscious Classroom Management Program Because It Reveals The INVISIBLE Quality Needed To Have The Classroom You Dream and Hope For.

What is this invisible quality – it is TEACHER PRESENCE.

When you combine TEACHER PRESENCE with the 30 other practical strategies in the full program you have a Classroom Management System you can implement easily.  Get ready to finally feel the confidence you see in teachers who walk into their classroom KNOWING their class will be respectful to each other and you their teacher! [sales_box class=”one”]

Presented by Rocky Biasi, a secondary high school teacher, school counsellor currently in private practice and a clinical member of the Counsellors & Psychotherapists association of NSW, Member of The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.
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[sales_box title=’In the Conscious Classroom Management Course you receive 16 modules that cover:‘]

1. Teacher Presence.

This looks at the “invisible” quality all great teachers have. This is why you can see what great teachers do but can struggle to implement their strategies in your class because your Presence in the room is not what it needs to be at the moment.

We cover the following aspects that create Teacher Presence

  • Mindset, beliefs and attitudes great teachers have.
  • Holding your ground
  • Inner Authority

2. Developmental Management Approach (DMA)

Imagine knowing the 4 different types of student behaviour and then targeting the best strategy to change that behaviour. This is the DMA approach.

3. Preventative Management Strategies

  • Creating Classroom rules and expectations that are owned by the students and parentss
  • Teaching procedures / routines so that content can be delivered easily
  • Consistency in how you approach rules and expectations
  • Teacher – Student relationship. Creating rapport and respect
  • Creating interesting and engaging lessons

4. Nine Supportive Management Strategies
The aim of supportive management strategies is to not interrupt the flow of your lesson.

5. Seven Corrective Management Strategies

The aim of Corrective Management Strategies is to correct and positively redirect misbehaviour when it occurs.

Each Module Has:

  • Video Explanation and Demonstration
  • PDF resource with activities
  • Audio (MP3) file so you can listen to each module on a walk, exercising or in the car.


[sales_box title=’Look I’m serious about helping you.‘]

That’s why I’ve included 4 LIVE ONLINE sessions you can attend throughout the year

The purpose of these online live session is for me to support you, answer your questions, provide extra support and guidance. I’m going to be with you 🙂

You Get Access to all this Immediately.

The entire Conscious Classroom Course goes for 5 hours and is $179. This training is endorsed by the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) and linked to Australian Teacher Standards. [/sales_box]

What will it cost you to NOT get this help? What will it cost you if NOTHING changes?

[sales_box title=’100 % 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee.‘]

If you keep doing the same things you get the same results. If you want something to change you need to try something different.

No teacher wants to go through the stress, fear and disappointment that comes with a classroom that is a warzone.

P.S. You are one click away from getting REAL, PRACTICAL strategies you can use immediately to transform your classroom. The testimonials from hundreds of teachers over 6 years can make you feel confident this course will make the difference you need.

You can rest assured because of my 100% money back guarantee


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