The Accidental Counsellor Training

Counsel without counselling training

Connect and Influence Without Burning Out

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The Study Samurai Library

Helping You Support Your Student

A Secondary School Success Program

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Classroom Management Course

For Classroom Teachers

Engage Students In The Classroom

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Wellbeing Resource

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Enhance Wellbeing

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The Accidental Counsellor Training

A solutions focused approach for people not trained as professional counsellors but often find themselves in counselling situations by accident.

The usual approach of helping people is not working well, takes a long time and the problem issue continues without improvement…

The Study Samurai Library

The Study Samurai Program helps reduce the stress, pressure and anxiety of senior school so students can study and learn faster and easier.

The Study Samurai Program unlocks 5 key areas for personal academic best performance…

Online Conscious Classroom Management

The number one cause of stress among teachers is trying to convince students to behave.

There is nothing worse than preparing for a class but not being able to TEACH IT because of the distracting and disruptive behaviour from some students…

Online Wellbeing

How do you treat stress and anxiety?

I have a two part approach that has helped the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over the years…

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