By Biasi Rocky
How to Be an Effective Listener: Techniques for Accidental Counsellors

Effective listening is crucial for accidental counsellors – those unexpectedly in a counselling role, whether at work, with friends, or in family situations. Good listening involves understanding, empathy, and support, not just hearing words. This article offers practical techniques to enhance your listening skills. 1. Understand the Importance of Listening Effective listening is more than

By Biasi Rocky
10 Essential Skills Every Accidental Counsellor Needs

  Accidental counsellors, often teachers, managers, or those interacting closely with others, play a vital role without formal training in counselling. If you find yourself in this position, honing specific skills can significantly enhance your effectiveness. This article outlines ten essential skills every accidental counsellor should strive to acquire. 1. Active Listening Active listening is

By Biasi Rocky
Listening Deeply

  This description of Listening Deeply by Jeff Foster resonated deeply with me and how I describe listening in our sessions I wanted to share with you also.   Listening Deeply The most beautiful quality of all in a human being, in my humble opinion? The ability to listen deeply. To listen from Presence.

By Biasi Rocky
Beating Burnout and Finding Balance: An Interview with Melo Calarco

Explore key insights from Melo Calarco on ‘Beating Burnout and Finding Balance’ in our exclusive interview. Discover actionable strategies for managing stress, achieving work-life harmony, and enhancing your well-being. Dive into practical advice for thriving in today’s fast-paced world.

By Biasi Rocky
Chapter 9: Balance

In this blog post, we’ll be summarising the key insights from a captivating book on balance and renewal. The author, Melo Calarco, takes readers on a transformative journey by exploring the importance of finding balance in life. The book offers valuable lessons and practical strategies to help individuals rejuvenate their energy and truly value the

By Biasi Rocky
Chapter 8: Gratitude and Compassion

In our journey of personal growth and self-discovery, we often encounter chapters that teach us valuable life lessons. One such chapter revolves around the profound concepts of gratitude and compassion. These principles have the remarkable ability to elevate our well-being, foster balance, and transform our outlook on life. In this blog post, we will explore

By Biasi Rocky
Chapter 7: Purpose and Perseverance

In life, we often encounter chapters that teach us valuable lessons about purpose and perseverance. These lessons resonate deeply with our core values and can have a profound impact on our journey towards achieving our goals. In this blog post, I would like to share a personal story and discuss the importance of aligning with

By Biasi Rocky
Chapter 6: Fear and Trust

Fear can be a powerful and primal emotion that often holds us back from realising our full potential. However, beyond fear lies trust—the belief that we possess the inner resources to navigate any situation, no matter how challenging. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of turning towards our fears, recognizing them for

By Biasi Rocky
Chapter 5: Overwhelm and Anxiety

  In our journey through life, we often find ourselves entangled in the web of overwhelming anxiety. It’s a topic so vast and profound that it could easily fill an entire podcast episode. Today, we will explore a life lesson shared by Melo, shedding light on how overwhelm and anxiety are often products of our

By Biasi Rocky
Chapter 4: Self Regulation

The next chapter of our blog takes us into the realm of self-regulation. As we discussed earlier, self-regulation is a fundamental aspect of mindfulness practice. It empowers us to navigate through life’s challenges with greater ease and composure. One key takeaway from this chapter is the profound impact that self-regulation techniques, particularly utilising the breath,

By Biasi Rocky
Chapter 3: Stress and Resilience

The next chapter delves into the topic of stress and resilience, and I’m thrilled to share it with you. Feel free to incorporate your captivating client stories and travel adventures as we explore the chapter. I must mention that every chapter in the book is accompanied by a tale from Melo’s own travels. So, in

By Biasi Rocky
Chapter 2: Burnout and Self Care

In the previous blog post, the topic of gradual onset of burnout and the importance of recognising its signs came up. The discussion highlighted the need for self-awareness and the significance of implementing self-care practices to prevent burnout. This blog post continuation delves into the stages of burnout and provides essential self-care strategies to address

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What Our Students Say

At the Conscious Classroom Management Training workshop Rocky used many examples from his own career which were meaningful and useful.

Michele Scott

Thought provoking session with many applicable strategies not just ideological concepts.

David Tatzenko
Covenant Christian School

This classroom management training reminded me of why I became a teacher. The skills were practical. Thank goodness for PD Days like this and people like you!

Stella Papanakos
Bossley Park High School

A most excellent and productive workshop that gave me a new outlook towards classroom management.

Thomas Elley
Sefton High School
I have already used some of the tips I learnt at the training with an irate parent and a cranky student, with great success! Thank you.
Catherine Pearse
Heathcote High School
Connect and Influence without Burning Out
Accidental Counsellor Training