Student Wellbeing Sessions in Schools

Supporting Student Mental Health & Well-Being in Schools
A Positive Psychology and Strengths Based Approach to Learning Social and Emotional Skills.

A Positive Psychology and Strengths
Based Approach to Learning Social
and Emotional Skills.

Students with well-developed and adaptive social and emotional
behaviours are most likely to not only excel in school but also enhance
students’ resilience and wellbeing.


Big Fish into Little Fish

The Big Fish into Little Fish presentation will ease Year 7’s transition into high school, build rapport among the year group and enhance self-esteem and resilience.

Students will:

  • Participate in activities that facilitate an agreement to minimise the groups fears and maximise their collective hopes and dreams.
  • Develop empowering self-identity beliefs. This lays the foundation to resilience and self-worth.
  • Discover ways to engage new friends and devlop cohesion among the year group.



Social Media
Literacy Program

Often teachers tell us that their time and resources are increasingly stretched by the impact of technology on students relationships, mental health and focus.

Parents and teachers are increasingly concerned about the balance of technology and social media on learning and social interactions in young people’s lives.

If you’re also concerned about the unrealistic ‘norms’ portrayed by social media content and the pressures to constantly engage with technology then this student session on Social Media Literacy™ will make all the difference!

  • ENCOURAGE students to consciously engage with technology so they connect in a healthy way with friends and the world around them.
  • HELP students understand the impact of human connections to overall happiness and wellbeing. As a result they then bring this new awareness to their social media interactions.
  • PROVIDE students with tools and techniques required to combat the potential health risks and negative impacts of technology in day-to-day living.
  • RAISE awareness of hazards surrounding technology on physical, mental and emotional health & wellbeing and EMPOWER students to be in control of their online presence and ensure that it contributes to their wellbeing.


"Getting Your Head Right for the HSC"

Help prepare senior students for the HSC with well-being and mindset strategies to suppot them in achieving their best.

This session creates the right ‘mind-set and attitude’ for success in the HSC and beyond by teaching practical strategies from the emerging field Positive Psychology.

Designed specifically for Year 11 and 12 students to support them on their HSC journey.

  • Boost WELLBEING with practical and simple strategies
  • Identify ways students can sustain MOTIVATION for study and achievement of GOALS
  • Promote RESILIANCE: How to get mentally & emotionally strong to deal with disappointments & setbacks
  • Break through PROCRASTINATION
  • Manage parental and societal PRESSURES and ways to deal with feelings of STRESS and EXAM ANXIETY


The Connected Leadership Program

Student leaders learn powerful communication strategies to develop strong and connected groups that bring positive influence to the school culture.

The Connected Leadership Program provides a uniques opportunity for student AND staff facilitators to engage in a one day program that focuses on Leadership through service and mentorship.

  • Learn strategies to initiate POSITIVE CHANGE IN SCHOOL CULTURE
  • Explore the POWER OF COMMUNICATION, empathy and active listening
  • Boost MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING with practical positive psychology strategies
  • Understand how best to honour and share individaul and group gifts and communicate your HIGHEST POTENTIAL through your role as student leader.



Other Student Wellbeing Sessions We Offer Include:

Climbing Out - Breaking Free to BE ME

Jumping Hurdles - How to overcome obstacles and develop resilience

7 Steps to Motivate Yourself.


What Our Students Say

Hi Rocky,I Have used your techniques twice already and it was FABULOUS! (obviously not seemless – more practise needed) but i had direction and focus and purpose and just a really positive vibe in both conversations.
Love it. Thanks heaps.

Tricia Bradley

I was lucky enough to try out some techniques with a year eight girl today and I felt 100% more confident speaking to a young girl who has been reluctant to open up to anybody and has been in and out of hospital over the past month. Before I knew it 45 minutes had passed and I had said barely anything. The student said “it was nice to actually talk and not be lectured”. Very powerful tools rocky!!! Cheers.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the sessions go for?

Typically the sessions run for 90 minutes however we can adapt them to fit into your lesson times and we also run half day and full day sessions depending on your needs.

How much do the sessions cost?

The fee for a 90 minute session is $1650 (including GST).

How do I book a session?

Use one of the forms on this page or email and let us know if you have a specific date.

Do you also offer teacher and parent sessions?

Yes we do run a range of parent and teacher sessions. The parent sessions are around how to help your student through high school and teacher sessions are around teacher wellbeing and mental health. This is typically delivered in the Accidental Counsellor. Click here for more about that.

What set up do you require for the sessions.

The student sessions are typically to your entire Year Group so we would need a space to hold them. As far as IT we only require a data projector and microphone.

What if we need to cancel a session?

For cancellations 3 weeks before the session cancellation charges do not apply.

If you then cancel up to a week before the session and do not book in an alternative date for later that year a third of the session fee will be applicable.

For sessions cancelled (and not rescheduled for later that year) less than a week prior to the session, half of the session fee is applicable.

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