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The New

3 hour Session

A Solutions Focused Approach to listening and
responding to emotional distress without burning out.


This session is for anyone and everyone who responds to emotional upset and distress. That’s most of us, right? If you’re a teacher, parent, community service worker, anyone really who wants to learn how to listen and respond to emotional upset without being overwhelmed. This is for you!

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One story comes to mind that illustrates the importance of this session. A young lady I was seeing for counselling recounted how she couldn’t speak about her loss and grief, not even to her mother and sister who she loved and knew they loved her. When I asked why she couldn’t speak to her family she told me that they “find it too hard”. She explained  that every time she started speaking about her pain and distress the responses were, “Don’t be upset”, “Everything will be okay”, “Give it time”, and more. Unfortunately, most people believe that being “positive” and “hopeful” in these situations is what’s needed. It comes mostly from a good place to help the person who is upset feel better. The result is usually the opposite. We all want to be heard and understood. We all want to have our feelings validated and acknowledged. As you can gather this will be a key aspect of the training but there will be more!


The training covers 3 core areas:

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Self Care and Well-being
So you can manage the toll istening stories of emotional distress can have on us. This also includes appropriate referrals.

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So we are able to validate and acknowledge the person so they feel heard and understood.

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So we can ask appropriate “solution-focused questions” if appropriate rather than giving unsolicited advice.


“After attending your Accidental Counsellor training course in May I have been able to see and use the benefits of this type of Accidental Counselling both in my teaching and Assistant Principal status at a special school and also in my private life.”

Janice C.

“This training was brilliant! Thank you! It has helped me in my role with relating to the students in a more positive manner and I was able to demonstrate appropriate techniques to support them.”

Jamie, Aboriginal Education Officer

“I have to say that as a Paediatric Audiologist, I found your course one of the most practical and useful training that I have attended in quite some time. I attended your course with my colleague Karin and we are both still talking about it. Your course provided us with concrete skills and techniques that we can (and have) directly apply in the clinic.”

Mandy Sullivan

“I found this training really beneficial and have already used the techniques I learned on the day with great success.”

Kate Mitrevski, Smart Skilled & Hired Youth Employment

Connect and Influence without Burning Out
Accidental Counsellor Training