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Connect and Influence without Burning out
Thousands of school staff have completed the Accidental Counsellor Training first created by Rocky Biasi in 2008. We have heard feedback from schools asking for help in teaching these skills to parents and students also because…

Teens Often seek each other out for advice and support and can be at risk of taking on the emotional toll of their friends without knowing how to help their friend or themselves

Parents are often unsure when to seek specialized mental well-being support for their children and how to best respond without burning out themselves.

Help school staff, students and parents to:

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Listen and respond to difficult conversations with confidence

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Influence the next best possible step using solution focused language

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Implement strengths-based mental wellbeing strategies

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Identify signs and indicators to refer to specialised resources and people

We have helped school staff for over a decade and it’s time to bring the Accidental Counsellor Skills to the entire school community so staff, students, and parents use the same solution-focused language and strengths-based approach to best influence positive mental wellbeing.


The Accidental Counsellor for Teens and Parents looks at 3 core areas of Mental Wellbeing:

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Self Care and Well-being
so we are not overcome by the emotional distress of others. This also includes appropriate referrals.

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So we are able to validate and acknowledge the person so they feel heard and understood.

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So we can ask appropriate “solution-focused questions” rather than giving unsolicited advice.

The Accidental Counsellor Model


Accidental Counsellor Teens Information Webinar

Our Presenters


Created and Presented by:
Rocky created the Accidental Counsellor Training in 2008 from his experience as a Secondary High School Teacher and School Counsellor. Rocky has 20 years of clinical counselling work in his private practice and has presented the Accidental Counsellor to several thousand school and non-school staff in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia


Natalie has worked as a secondary and primary school teacher since 2003. She has held a variety of leadership positions and mentoring roles, and created and delivered programs for student year groups and staff. Her mentoring and leadership skills extend outside the classroom in her role as a student mentor while currently completing a Diploma of Counselling. Natalie has been presenting with Human Connections for the past 5 years and is passionate about supporting others to reach their full potential by sharing skills and resources that inspire confidence and nourish wellbeing.


Grace has been practicing Social Work for over 17 years, with experience in various support and leadership roles. Grace has a particular interest in supporting children and adolescents, and has most recently
GRACE BARTON worked as a Kinder to year 12 School Counsellor. Grace takes pride in her work extending that of psychological support, with making every effort to help and mentor her clients reach their potential, and live a rich and fulfilling life.

Schools we have worked with

Schools that we continue to be privilege to work with includes:

• Caroline Chisholm College
• St. George Girls Selective
High Schools
• St. Dominic’s Catholic College
• Freeman Catholic College
• Cronulla High School
• Bossley Park High School
• McCarthy Catholic College
• North Sydney Girls High
• Wiley Park Girls High School
• Oakhill College

• Central Coast Grammar
• Randwick Girls High School
• Endeavor Sports High School
• All Saints Catholic College
• Elixabeth McCarthur High
• Emmaus Catholic College
• Rouse Hills High School
• Broughton Anglican College
• Auburn Girls High School
• and more!


“Loved the mix of activities. There was presenting and discussion interspersed with great, hands-on activities. Loved the first getting to know game and Balloon game.”

-Lauren Northover, Menai High School

“It was fantastic. The presenters were amazing & I found the kids responded really well to them.”

-Sarah Battistella, Model Farms High School

“I always find your presentations to be very inspiring. Natalie, you remind me of Rocky in many ways – and that is a great compliment! You are both very ‘real’ and are willing to share yourselves, and the students appreciate that. Your warmth and love for what you do clearly come across. The messages are brilliant. I am going to promote the ‘just tap’ to the rest of the WB team, and the ‘excellence, not perfection’ could help some of our students to gain perspective in their work. Natalie made a very good connection with the students at a time slot which can be a bit challenging (the first session at camp when they are excited to be away), and came across as very ‘real’ and warm.’”

-Kate Cole-Harper, North Sydney Girls High School

“As usual, the program was highly engaging and relevant!”

-Santina Rizzo, Wiley Park Girls High School

“Love it. Thank you for presenting in a manner that is related to the students. Kept them engaged and focused on the content. I am wondering if a follow-up session early year 12 would be appropriate to remind students on stress techniques etc.”

-Sheree Clark, Broughton Anglican College

Connect and Influence without Burning Out
Accidental Counsellor Training