Free 80-Minute Accidental Counsellor Training Short Course

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For Anyone Not Trained as Counsellors But Often Find Themselves In “Counselling” Situations by Accident

In this Free Online 80 minute Accidental
Counsellor Short Course you will learn:

The Accidental Counsellor Model
Learn the 3 core themes of the Accidental Counsellor Wellbeing and self-care, connection and influence.
Setting Boundaries
The 4 part formula to assess and refer so the person you are supporting has the best support.
The difference between Accidental Counsellors and Clinical Counselling Work
We unpack the 3 core distinctions and differences between clinical counsellors and Accidental Counsellors.
Solution Focused Communication
The 3 part step-by-step process that identifies strengths and possibilities this helps create change in the people you work with.

The Accidental Counsellor Short Course
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What Our Attendees Say

I found your virtual training to be excellent - engaging and informative - and it was just as good online as when training is delivered in the classroom. The virtual break-out rooms, group chats and side discussions all worked brilliantly, keeping us engaged while also interacting with other attendees just as much as in traditional training. This has changed my perspective of virtual training and I'll definitely be using it going forwards for our regionally located, state-wide team. Great job!

CEO in the Not For Profit Sector

I was lucky enough to try out some techniques with a year eight girl today and I felt 100% more confident speaking to a young girl who has been reluctant to open up to anybody and has been in and out of hospital over the past month. Before I knew it 45 minutes had passed and I had said barely anything. The student said “it was nice to actually talk and not be lectured”. Very powerful tools rocky!!! Cheers.


Hi Rocky,I Have used your techniques twice already and it was FABULOUS! (obviously not seemless – more practise needed) but i had direction and focus and purpose and just a really positive vibe in both conversations. Love it. Thanks heaps.

Tricia Bradley

I have already used some of the tips I learnt at the training with an irate parent and a cranky student, with great success! Thank you.

Catherine Pearse
Deputy Principal Heathcote High School