Online Conscious Classroom Management

Dealing With Disruptive Classroom Behaviour and Practical Strategies to Engage Students in the Classroom

Presented by Rocky Biasi, a school counsellor also in private practice and a
clinical member of the Counsellors & Psychotherapists association of NSW,
Member of The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.

The following videos provide an
overview of the workshop

Conscious Classroom Management Workshop Overview

What is the Conscious Classroom Management Workshop About?
Put simply, the Conscious Classroom Management Workshop is about peak performance. It is about facilitating student learning, behaviour and attitude. As teachers we have experienced the frustration of teaching students who are not performing to their potential. This workshop takes on an active and practical approach to behaviour management.

Classroom Management Communication Script

The Aim of this Workshop
The aim of this workshop is to provide teachers with practical strategies and techniques to help them understand the dynamics of successful interpersonal interactions. In addition, an understanding of the drivers of human behaviour and communication structures that influence students to comply with teacher requests will be addressed. This workshop will look at both practical classroom management strategies and the concept of “Teacher Presence” in applying these strategies.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Model the mind-set of successful classroom teachers
  • Explore powerful and successful strategies to engage students to learn
  • Create learning environments that facilitate student learning
  • Identify proven ideas to establish classroom boundaries to achieve mutual expectations
  • Discuss strategies in turning a disruptive class around
  • Understand the strategies and communication required to influence a disruptive/uncooperative student.


Teacher Presence

  • Who we are and what we do
  • The link between beliefs, perceptions, emotions and behaviour
  • Inner Authority
  • Ask for Help
  • Self Care

Preventative management strategies

  • Setting the scene – creating class rules and expectations
  • Teaching Procedures
  • Consistency
  • Teacher – student relationship. Creating rapport and respect
  • Lesson Design

Supportive management strategies

  • “Praise & Ignore Approach”
  • Physical Proximity
  • Non-Verbal communication
  • Restructure/change difficult work/strategies
  • Reinforce incompatible behaviour
  • Use Humour
  • Specific Feedback about work
  • Apply “Grandma’s Law”
  • Verbal Communication

Corrective management strategies – Breaking the cycle

  • Assertively insist on your right to teach and the students’ right to learn
  • Stop the misbehaviour
  • Removal of the student
  • Invoke the consequences tied to the behaviour
  • Redirect misbehaviour in positive directions
  • Parental Contact
  • Use communication scripts

This Practical Online Teacher Training Will Help You:

  • Eliminate power struggles with your most challenging students
  • Discover how “holding your ground” can actually help kids cooperate
  • Uncover your “teacher presence” while reducing stress
  • Create lessons that help students learn and stay focused
  • Appreciate your craft at a deeper level
  • Thoroughly prepare to teach, either before the school year or when appointed
  • Energise and invigorate how you train teachers


What Our Student Say

Thank you for the Conscious Classroom Management Training workshop. So happy to know I can be myself and establish teacher presence that is me.

Johanna Lynch
Christadelphian Heritage College

At the Conscious Classroom Management Training workshop Rocky used many examples from his own career which were meaningful and useful.

Michele Scott

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