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Are You Stressed and Anxious?

A New Simple Technique Guaranteed To Reduce Your Stress And Anxiety In Minutes.

Watch this video and Read this because finally there is a proven method to reduce anxiety simply and quickly.

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Click the order button and pay $7 so you can learn this powerful technique now.

You’ll get the three short videos that show you exactly how and when to use tapping.

  1. What tapping is – specifically Simple Energy Technique (SET)
  2. How to Use SET (tapping)
  3. How and when to start using it

That’s it – that is all you need to feel more relaxation and calmness and be less stressed and anxious within 30 minutes.

Teachers are reporting that anxiety in children in our schools is increasing alarmingly, not only for our students but also for parents and teachers.

In Australia, anxiety disorders are estimated to affect about one in every 10 young people aged 18-24 years. About half of people with anxiety disorders experience their first symptoms by the age of 11 years

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

The emerging field of Energy Psychology is proving to be a powerful, simple method to reduce and eliminate anxiety.

Why was I sweating and shaking?

When my daughter was born we were overjoyed because it had taken us 15 years to become parents!

What surprised me was my reaction to her screaming and crying – sure it’s not fun hearing our baby her screaming and crying BUT my reaction was severe.

I would begin to shake and sweat (in the middle of winter) and realised I couldn’t support her or my wife – I was in a STATE!

I’m a counselor I’m supposed to know what to do…

As a counselor I tried all the usual techniques to calm myself down. You know deep breathing, changing my thoughts etc. All good stuff except it was NOT WORKING for me.

Can you relate to this?

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed, anxious or in at state of panic?

We have all experienced these emotions to some degree. The problem is not the emotion but our inability to “shake it off”.

I couldn’t “shake mine off”.

Show Me How To Overcome Anxiety

Nothing was working

I was annoyed and upset thinking that it was me and that I didn’t know what I was doing – not a good place to be when you are supposed to be the “expert” in treating anxiety!

Have you tried a whole bunch of different methods for anxiety and they not work?

If you are thinking it’s your fault – so did I!

Until I came across Tapping

Tapping? Yes, a strange method of stimulating pressure points in your body based on Energy Psychology.

It was my clinical supervisor Dr David Lake who showed me this weird technique.

I starting tapping certain pressure points in my body and noticed a sudden and dramaticPHYSICAL RELAXATION.

Surely this Tapping stuff can’t work

Obviously I wanted to know more – what is this and how does it work?

He told me, “just do it and get some relief we can talk about that later”.

It was great advice because the more tapping I did the more I found that I was:

  • Not getting as worked up as I usually did and
  • When I was in the anxious and panicky state the tapping reduced those feelings dramatically and quickly

The Tapping did work and my life and the lives of millions of others have changed for the better

If you have experienced anxiety and have tried the usual methods and found that it helped a little but not enough YOU NEED THIS NOW!

Show Me How To Overcome Anxiety

Who Will Benefit Most From The Online Wellbeing Resource?

Do you suffer from anxiety on a daily basis, or are you going through a period of high stress?

Does someone you care for – maybe your child, spouse, parents or friends – suffer from anxiety and high stress levels?

Are you a teacher who feels that your class would benefit from learning stress relieving techniques?

Then my Online Wellbeing Resource will help you!

These techniques really works! They changed my life, and it will change yours.

After a few sessions, you’ll start feeling the way you should always have felt – strong, positive and confident, able to tackle anything that comes your way without stress and worry. I’m going to help you to achieve the success that you’ve been denied up till now because of your anxiety.

Show Me How To Overcome Anxiety

You are LESS than 30 minutes away from feeling calm, relaxed, less stressed and less anxious.

I have created 3 short videos that total less than 25 minutes and will show you how to use this tapping technique.

You need to:

  1. Click the order button below
  2. Pay $7 (this will go to a school that helps children with autism)
  3. Watch the videos (25 minutes)
  4. Do what I taught you for 5-10 minutes

After you do these 4 simple steps you will feel more relaxed and see and feel:

  1. A reduction in the intensity of the emotion so you can think more clearly, make better decisions and live life to the full
  2. Your anxiety will be less frequent and now you can go to places and be with people that you may have prevented being with previously
  3. It will not last as long so you can reconnect with yourself, family or work and not be “out of it for days”.
  4. AND when done thoroughly you can remove the “triggers” that get you anxious and worked up. Imagine that – knowing the thought or memory that triggered your anxiety can still be there BUT the way you emotionally react to it is more relaxed and calm.


Imagine living your life without anxiety

Really – what would your life, your child’s life, your family life be like if you could use a simple technique my 9 year old daughter knows how to use?

I know it has made me a more calm and relaxed father and husband.

What if this is another thing that doesn’t work?

I know I get it. I thought the same – what if…

Let me make this as simple as I can:

  • I know this works because I have used it and taught the tapping technique to over 3000 teachers and 100,000 students over 10 years
  • Get it, USE IT (for 10 minutes) and if you don’t notice a calmness and relaxation keep it and I’ll send you the $7 back
  • I know it will HELP you and ALL of the $7 is going to a fabulous cause for kids with autism, called giant steps

Click the order button and pay $7 so you can learn this powerful technique now.

You’ll get the three short videos that show you exactly how and when to use tapping.

  1. What tapping is – specifically Simple Energy Technique (SET)
  2. How to Use SET (tapping)
  3. How and when to start using it

That’s it – that is all you need to feel more relaxation and calmness and be less stressed and anxious within 30 minutes.



I’ve got more for you because knowing about anxiety can also help you be more aware and respond more effectively to anxiety.

Here are 6 more videos about:

  1. What Causes Anxiety? This video will help you understand why you are experiencing anxiety. The increased awareness will help you respond to your anxiety more effectively.
  2. How Do You Know it is Anxiety will help you know if what you are experiencing is the normal nervous feelings we all have or an anxiety disorder needing treatment.
  3. The Types of Anxiety video will help you know if you are experiencing “generalized anxiety” or more specific anxiety around trauma memories or phobias etc. Then you can respond and treat it more effectively.
  4. Typical symptoms for anxiety. This is important because many people confuse physical ailments to those triggered by an anxiety response. Knowing the difference can be life saving!
  5. The difference between stress & anxiety. This video will help you understand how to respond to stressful situations and the anxiety after the situation passes
  6. The Treatments for Anxiety this video will provide a range of treatment models so you can have more than one effective way to respond – then you have power!

What are you waiting for?

Help yourself and those in your care reduce anxiety and feel more calm and relaxed and at the same time know your $7 goes to giant steps

Click here to order now

P.S. Go get your credit card NOW you know if you close this window you may forget or this offer may end

P.S.S. If you USE this and you don’t get the results I promised you email me at [email protected] and I’ll return your $7 AND giant steps still receive the $7AND you can still access the videos.

HERE IT IS. Click here to pay and access the resource.
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