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As much as we want to avoid having difficult conversations, the nature of our role as an “Accidental Counsellor” can mean we are in these kinds of situations.

Whether it may be a colleague, a parent or a student, such events happen wherein you are forced to sit down with them and have an uncomfortable talk.

More often than not, it might be difficult for the both of you, and sometimes, you can’t help but feel like the conversation is counterproductive.

A big reason these conversations might go awry is because of how a person perceives things.

There is a saying that says:

“Perception is Reality”

That’s why it’s not a good idea to challenge someone’s perception directly. Yes even if it is clear that their way of seeing a particular issue is clearly irrational or causing them angst! The video above demonstrates the 5 strategies in the The Perception Process™.

The Perception Process™ aims to diffuse the emotions behind these perceptions, and attempt to provide a more positive perception and action step, moving forward.

A Solutions Focused Approach for staff
not trained as counsellors but find themselves
in “counselling roles” by accident.

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Thanks so much for the excellent and very thought provoking course!
It was the best professional development I have attended!
Kind Regards,

Alish Darab
English Faculty Jamison High School

Thanks so much for the fantastic ‘Accidental Counsellor’ training last week. I have been to hundreds of different training courses over the years and yours is easily the best. The simulated learning approach helped us all practice as we learned (experiential learning – you can’t beat it). I have already (one week later) used the techniques learned and they have benefited not only my students but also my family. I have strongly recommended the course to the rest of the Student Support staff here with biennial refreshers. I was also very impressed with the presentation of the training.
Rocky, you’re the best!

Thomas Arnold
Connect and Influence without Burning Out
Accidental Counsellor Training