The Accidental Counsellor Accredited School


A Whole School Resilience and Wellbeing Program

The Accidental Counsellor School developed by Rocky Biasi from Human Connections, is a comprehensive approach to enhancing school-wide mental health and resilience.

This comprehensive program utilises a strength-based, solution-focused approach that seeks to improve the overall wellbeing of students, staff, and parents.

This Program builds upon the principles of Rocky Biasi’s Accidental Counsellor, fostering emotional literacy, resilience, and a comprehensive understanding of mental and emotional wellbeing across the entire school community.


1.ACCIDENTAL COUNSELLOR TRAININGFor All School Staff, Parents, and Students

This comprehensive training is designed to equip all members of the school community—staff, parents, and students (via an adapted version)—with the necessary skills to provide initial emotional and social support to one another during times of crisis. The objective of the Accidental Counsellor Training is to foster an environment of empathy and support across the school, cultivating a community where everyone feels understood and valued.

The Accidental Counsellor Training goes beyond teaching how to effectively listen and respond to emotional needs; it empowers participants to make informed referrals while avoiding the burnout and emotional strain these conversations can induce. The program incorporates strategies and tools to enhance listening skills, elevate communication, regulate emotions, and build personal resilience. These elements work together to prevent burnout, thus promoting the overall wellbeing of the school community.

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This includes year group specific sessions focused on the evolving needs of students throughout high school. These sessions help students develop their emotional and social literacy, focusing on skills in communication, emotional regulation, resilience, motivation and wellbeing.

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3.T.H.R.I.V.E. - PREVENTING BURNOUT SESSIONSFor all school Staff and Parents

Designed for both school staff and parents, the T.H.R.I.V.E. sessions are committed to preventing burnout and enhancing overall wellbeing. We recognise that the pressures and stresses of modern life can impact everyone involved in the educational journey of a child. As such, our T.H.R.I.V.E. sessions equip both teachers and parents with practical, effective strategies to avoid burnout and promote a balance of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. By fostering a healthier and more productive environment at school and home, we support the thriving of the whole school community.

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Our Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring segment is an integral part of the Accidental Counsellor Training program. It is designed to foster both personal improvement and professional growth among teaching staff.

This continual support system comes in various formats, including one-on one sessions for those who require individualised attention, and small group sessions that promote learning through interaction and shared experiences.

These sessions offer a safe and confidential environment where key staff and stakeholders can debrief and reflect on their encounters, raising any concerns or case management questions they may have encountered in their role as Accidental Counsellors.

Our objective is to ensure that participants are not left feeling overwhelmed or alone in their roles as accidental counsellors. We aim to empower them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to navigate challenging situations, all the while safeguarding their own mental and emotional wellbeing.


Recognising the pivotal role parents play in their child’s educational journey, we provide them with resources and knowledge to enhance their support for their child’s mental health and academic growth. These sessions not only equip parents to create a more supportive home environment but also help them to better understand and utilise the strategies their children are learning in the student sessions.

Through these engagement sessions, parents gain insight into emotional regulation, resilience-building techniques, and strength-based language, all of which are central to the student sessions. In addition, these sessions offer practical guidance on how to foster stronger connections and enhance communication within the family, facilitating more effective support for their child’s wellbeing and academic progress.

Accidental Counsellor School - ACCREDITATION

Upon successful completion of these programs, the school will receive accreditation as an Accidental Counsellor School. This accreditation acknowledges the school’s dedication to creating an empathetic, supportive, and emotionally intelligent learning environment.

The strength of this program lies in its holistic, integrated approach, ensuring a consistent use of strength-based language across the entire school community. By engaging students, staff, and parents in the mental health conversation, this program fosters a healthier, happier and more productive learning environment for everyone involved.


  • 1 Improved Student Mental Health: The Program creates an environment that prioritises Students' emotional and mental health.
  • 2 Increased Staff Wellbeing: Focusing on preventing teacher burnout, this Program contributes to a healthier and more productive school environment.
  • 3 Enhanced Emotional Literacy: Focusing on preventing teacher burnout, this Program contributes to a healthier and more productive school environment.
  • 4 Community Engagement: By involving parents, the Program fosters a stronger sense of community and encourages everyone to take an active role in promoting mental health and wellbeing.
  • 5 Increased Crisis Management Skills: The Accidental Counsellor Training prepares staff to handle crises and provide immediate emotional support.
  • 6 Professional Development: The coaching and mentoring aspect provides continual professional development for teachers.
  • 7 Professional Development: The Program encourages a consistent approach to mental health and wellbeing across the entire school community.
  • 8 Early Intervention: The Program enables early detection and intervention for Students who may be struggling with mental health issues.
  • 9 Supportive Home Environment: By engaging parents, the Program helps to foster a supportive home environment that contributes to better academic performance and overall Student wellbeing.
  • 10 Accreditation: Completion of the Program results in the school receiving the title of an “Accidental Counsellor School,” demonstrating its dedication to mental health and wellbeing.

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