Chapter 6: Fear and Trust

Fear can be a powerful and primal emotion that often holds us back from realising our full potential. However, beyond fear lies trust—the belief that we possess the inner resources to navigate any situation, no matter how challenging. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of turning towards our fears, recognizing them for what they are, and building trust in ourselves. By doing so, we can overcome limiting beliefs and embrace new possibilities in life.

Understanding Fear and Recognizing Its Influence:

Fear is one of the rawest and most intense emotions we experience. Often, we find ourselves overwhelmed by fear without fully understanding what we are feeling. The first step towards conquering fear is acknowledging and identifying it. By pinpointing fear as the source of our emotions, we gain a solid starting point for addressing it effectively.

Turning Towards Fear and Embracing Trust:

Once we recognize fear, the next step is to understand what is causing it. Fear can stem from various sources such as the fear of rejection, being judged, or facing change. By identifying the specific fear, we can develop a relationship with it. Instead of avoiding or denying fear, we must turn towards it. By confronting our fears head-on, we begin to dismantle their power over us.

On the other side of fear lies trust. Trusting ourselves and our abilities is essential in overcoming fear. It allows us to navigate any situation with confidence, knowing that we have what it takes to overcome challenges. Trusting ourselves means believing that we possess the necessary resources to face our fears and come out stronger on the other side.

Flipping Fear into Trust:

To build trust, we can employ various techniques, such as positive affirmations. However, it’s crucial to not only say the words but truly believe in them. Merely reciting affirmations without genuine belief will not yield the desired results. Trusting ourselves requires embodying that trust and feeling it in our core.

An exercise that can help flip fear into trust involves challenging our limiting beliefs. When faced with a limiting belief, such as “I’m not smart enough,” we can ask ourselves for evidence that supports this belief. By questioning the validity of our limiting beliefs, we can begin to turn towards them and understand how they hold us back. Then, we can counter these beliefs with empowering thoughts. For example, we can shift from “I’m not smart enough” to “I trust that I have the resources within me to succeed.”

Belief and Experience:

Belief plays a significant role in building trust. It’s important to not only affirm positive thoughts but also embody them and truly believe in ourselves. The more we trust ourselves, the more evidence we gather through our experiences that reinforces this trust. Every time we face fear head-on and come out the other side, we gain further proof of our ability to handle difficult situations.

Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs:

Sometimes, we hold on to limiting beliefs because we doubt our own trustworthiness or the availability of resources. However, reflecting on our past experiences can help us realize the abundance of resources we already possess. Considering the challenges we have overcome in life, we can recognize that we have always had the necessary resources within us when we needed them. This realization allows us to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace the trust we have in ourselves.

Confronting fear and building trust within ourselves is a transformative process that enables personal growth and empowers us to overcome limiting beliefs. By acknowledging fear, turning towards it, and trusting in our abilities, we can navigate any situation with confidence and resilience. Let us embrace the power of trust and open ourselves to new possibilities, knowing that we have the resources within us to thrive.


Disclaimer: This blog post is an overview of Melo Calarco’s book, and we highly recommend reading the complete work to delve deeper into the transformative power of self-awareness.

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