By Biasi Rocky
Reframing: Responding To What Is [3/5]

Mark O’Connor: So Rocky, when you say that, I’m going to throw one at you, and then I’m going to ask you a question after it. So I’m going to basically contradict myself. So one of the other strategies that we’ve worked on that I think is really important right now is reframing. And we

By Biasi Rocky
Managing Your Emotional State [2/5]

  See this second video for more information about tapping:   The second thing I would say is, okay, so you’re not feeling great and you’re acknowledging it. How long do you want to feel that way? There are things that we can do that can make you feel better. So if you’re feeling really

By Biasi Rocky
Your Emotions Are Friendly Messengers [1/5]

  Hi everyone. It’s Rocky Biasi here and I’m joined by Mark O’Connor, who is a teacher at Emmaus Catholic College. And we’ve been really good friends, we went to university to do our education degree together, and we’ve been talking quite a lot in these quite uncertain and unprecedented times about how we can

By Biasi Rocky
Vicarious Trauma: Self-Care for Mental Health Workers

The need for mental health care services and counsellors across Australia is growing at an astoundingly fast rate, with 22,159 mental health professionals reported in the latest figures from 2017. 4.3 million people received mental health-related prescriptions in that year alone, and this is an influx that doesn’t look set to abate anytime soon. As

By Biasi Rocky
Dealing with the Stress and Anxiety of Coronavirus

  These are truly uncertain and unprecedented times. Our world has changed and the way we live has changed. It would be impossible to not feel unsure, anxious and afraid. I know I’ve had my moments to say the least.  I wanted to share some things that have helped me deal with the stress and

By Biasi Rocky
The Solution Talk Guide™

The Solution Talk Guide™ is part of The Accidental Counsellor Training. It will help you: – Connect and establish rapport quickly with the person you are working with. – Create and environment trust and safety. – Facilitate new perspective that lead to new positive behaviours and can give returns in all areas of personal life.

By Biasi Rocky
Top 10 Mental Health and Wellbeing Tips

The following tips are “right” for me after many years of trying different strategies. The quality of your mental health is a reflection of the wellbeing and self-care habits you have. Right Sleep Sleep is the MOST important mental health habit you can build. It’s the foundation upon which all of the other mental health

By Biasi Rocky
The Myth of Multitasking – And How It Impacts Your Mental Health And Wellbeing

Many people believe that women are excellent at multitasking, while men don’t do as well. However, the truth is that no one is really that good at multitasking, regardless of gender. In fact, not only are we not built for multitasking, but you could be doing yourself more harm than good by spending your time

By Biasi Rocky
The Power of Sleep

Life would be a lot easier if you didn’t have to sleep. Just imagine what you could do with all of the time you spend in bed. The potential is limitless, and a lot of people already push the amount of time they spend awake to make the most of it. Of course, though, you

By Biasi Rocky
Thoughts on Critical Incidents and Trauma in the School Context

Critical Incidents and Trauma If you work at a school, you need to prepare yourself for all eventualities and potential circumstances. This includes being prepared for trauma and critical incidents. While we all hope that a disaster or serious accident never happens at the school we work for or attend with our children, being prepared

By Biasi Rocky
How to Help and Respond If Your Teen is Depressed

Data suggest that more than 10 percent of adolescents suffer from some kind of major depressive episode between the ages of 12 and 19. For caregivers caught up in the melee, it can be challenging to know what to do, how to identify symptoms, where to find treatment, and how to prevent it from taking

By Biasi Rocky
The Impact of Poor Mental Health on School Attendance and Supporting Student Motivation

It’s of little surprise to know that mental health issues have been linked with school absences, particularly during secondary and further education. Having said that there is a worrying trend that primary school K-6 students are increasingly entering these statistics. This eventually leads to a decline in school performance and could cause further developmental issues

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What Our Students Say

Kelly, Jane and I attended the March Accidental Counsellor Training and have been following your techniques and it has made such an impact on our new Pastoral Care Centre.

We have had many positive comments from students, teachers and parents, with parents calling us to ask us to help their child. We feel like we now have a solid philosophy to inform our decisions and a very clear vision of how we can best help our students. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with us….. don’t think we would still be coping without your invaluable guidance.

Kirstie Brass
Orana Steiner School, Canberra

Excellent workshop with practical, realistic advice and strategies for classroom use. I am already thinking of new ways to manage my classes tomorrow. Thanks Rocky.

Lauren Clarkstone
Cranebrook High School


I’m ready to go Monday and use this straight away.

Linda Askin
Belmore North Public School

Thought provoking session with many applicable strategies not just ideological concepts.

David Tatzenko
Covenant Christian School

As Deputy Principal of a large primary school, I am often faced with situations where I need to provide guidance and support for students.

Having recently completed the course, I have already used many of the strategies back at school and now feel more confident and well-equipped to deal with student issues.

The course was practical, action-packed and opened my mind to the many ways we can speak with and support students. I now feel better-equipped to manage the “difficult conversations” when my school counsellor isn’t on site. The added bonus is that many of the strategies will prove effective in my personal life as well.

Thanks Rocky! I will definitely be recommending the course to my staff.

Leigh Robertson
Grafton Public School
Connect and Influence without Burning Out
Accidental Counsellor Training