Married 21 Years!

WOW! Married 21 Years!

I can still remember when I was 21 What can I say? Well if you are wondering, no it hasn’t been easy at times, and YES, Anna and I love each other more today than we did in our early married life. I have seen it go the other way for others. My many thanks to David Lake, Angela Wood and my many other teachers none other than my beautiful wife!

Words really can’t explain our journey, the truth is there were some really tough times when we both had doubts the marriage would last. If pressed, I would have to say that acceptance is the “emotion” or energy that has deepened our love and respect. David Lake in his book “She’ll be Right – Why Men aren’t getting it” describes how acceptance grows love, respect, friendship etc. and how the poison of criticism is the cancer that eats away at our relationships (and ourselves)

The beautiful thing is that I have experienced the promise that committed, long-term, loving realtionships can offer – unconditional love!!!

I’m a counsellor so forgive me but I have to add my tips to this. If things are not going well in your relationship remember:

1. They don’t mean to hurt you. Yeah, that’s right it is not intentional. If it is, (and it’s a fact, not a story in your head) it may be time to get out!

2. Remember, love can be tough to understand and apply, but friendship and being a good friend is something we all now

3. It goes without saying that abuse should not be tolerated – get help!

4. Consider depression. hard to move forward if one or both are depressed!

5. Take responsibility to lift your energy levels rather than “sucking” each other dry

6. I could go on…finally

7. You don’t need any of these or other tips

8. You know what to do – you both did it when you got together in the begining! Treat her the same! Yeah the “her” was delibrate – lets step up men!

9. P.S. Who said I was not easy to live with 🙂



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