Overcoming Flight Phobia Using Intention Tapping

This is a case study that shows how effective intention tapping can be in dealing with flight phobia.

Watch how Maurice my brother in law went from on the verge of cancelling his flight from Perth WA to Sydney to feeling excited about the flight. In this video we cover how his symptoms started escalating a month before the flight to how bad things became for Maurice 3 hours before the flight calling to inform us he has to cancel because the symptoms were so bad he couldn’t get on the flight and to his disbelief at how quickly intention tapping helped and how he managed when he was triggered again just before boarding.

This a raw, honest and authentic account of debilitating flight phobia and how intention tapping helped so much.

I showed Maurice two breathing techniques including the 4, 7, 8 where you breath in through your nose to the count of 4 and hold for the count of 7 and breath out through your mouth to the count of 8.

The other breathing technique is two quick inhalations through the nose and a longer exhale through the mouth like this.

I’ve found intention tapping to be incredibly helpful in creating calm and relaxation, processing upsetting thoughts and beliefs and processing stuck emotions and memories.

Please share this video with anyone you think may benefit from this.

To find out more about intention tapping, go to my good friend Steve Wells site https://intentiontapping.com/

We recently ran a free webinar for our audience on intention tapping,  click here to watch the replay.



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