The Tapping Technique

Rocky Biasi here with an Accidental Counsellor update where I demonstrate The Tapping Technique.

I’m with my daughter Kaiyen, after a 3-week long road trip where I presented the Accidental counsellor Training in Albury, Canberra, Brisbane and Coffs Harbour. During those workshops I demonstrated the power of use the Tapping Technique for stress and anxiety.

But something happened when we were in Brisbane.

Kaiyen and I went to movie world, and we were lining for the Scooby Ride. We’ve been there several times before but this time was different. When Kaiyen was lining up, she had all these scary anxious thoughts. The interesting thing here is that Kaiyen had been on this ride several times. She even knew what the next manoeuvre would be. Trying to calm her down by using rational or logical thinking like, “you have done this before”, or “we don’t need to go on this ride”, did little to calm her.

tapping points

I started tapping acupressure points on her face and hands. In the beginning she didn’t really feel anything. I did it for a while and she calmed down. Would you believe that when the ride was over, Kaiyen asked me, ‘Dad, can we do it again?’ That’s how much tapping helped.

If you’ve done the training you might recall that the tapping is a great body technique to help people relax and calm down some of that nervous energy.

Kaiyen actually described it in a way I’d never heard her say before – ‘…a shiver went through my body’. The other cool thing is that it didn’t do much when I started the tapping. Sometimes people do notice a big change straight away with the tapping on their pressure points. Oftentimes it actually takes a bit longer.

Click HERE to access a video that show you how to use the Tapping Technique to reduce stress and anxiety.

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