What if the problem is not the problem?

I was asked to present a workshop on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) last Sunday to a small group of dedicated “tappers”! Thanks Su-Yin!

I presented the history of energy healing and the development of TFT, to EFT and how Steve Wells and Dr David Lake adapted this amazing tools to create simple energy techniques (SET) and provocative energy technique (PET).

In addition I showed how Byron Katie’s “The Work” a simple 4 question process that questions and challenges our stressful thoughts can be integrated with the new energy psychology tapping methods.

The key and title of the workshop is, “What if the Problem is not the Problem?”

The reason I gave this training this name is because in my own life and in my clinical counselling practice I often see that what is the presenting problem is not really the problem!

OK, what do I mean!


Here are some issues:

Fear of Public Speaking, snakes, spiders, panic attacks when driving, being in shopping centers, etc.

It seems that the problem is as stated above. However, it is not public speaking but how public speaking makes us feel, that is the problem!

Isn’t this the “hidden” problem behind all our issues, complaints, gripes, trauma, anxiety , fear, panic etc. etc.

This is where the New Energy Treatments such as EFT and SET are invaluable. The underlying principle is that the cause of all Negative Emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system. Tapping on different pressure points activated the meridian energy centers in our bodies and assists the energy from the emotion to move through us.

To find out more about this workshop and EFT and SET go to www.humanconnections.com.au or check out these resources.

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