The Online Accidental Counsellor Training

For School Staff Not Trained as Counsellors But Often Find 
Themselves In “Counselling” Situations by Accident

Endorsed Professional Development Training

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Learn how to connect and influence positive change with students
without burning out

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Increase Wellbeing

for yourself and the people you support with

evidence-based strategies from Positive Psychology

Learn how to listen and respond

to the person’s pain and suffering so they feel heard and understood. As a result, the person is more trusting you that you understand, will feel safer, and begin to calm.

Empower Students

to discover “their next best step” using solution-focused language patterns.

Endorsed Professional Development For Teachers and School Staff

 Increase your skills in your own time at your convenience

Monthly No Fixed Term

$49 per month

Per Person

Save $291 pay annually

$297 P.A.

Per Person

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3 Online Professional Development Courses (20 Total Hours)

to Enhance Wellbeing, Respond to Student Upset and Engage Students in the Classroom

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Get the Training and Support You Need To:

[vc_infolist title=”Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Enhance Your Wellbeing.”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Respond to Student Emotional Upset with Confidence and Certainty You Are Helping.”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Engage Your Students In The Classroom.”][/vc_infolist]

What You’ll Get:

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Join over 600 other school staff who have completed our online professional development courses.

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I created these online courses for school staff because of my experience as a high school teacher and school counsellor.

[text_with_image image=”6743″ image_align=”left” img_size_predefined=”content-full”]Hi, my name is Rocky Biasi and I’ve presented my professional development courses to over 5000 school staff across Australia since 2008.

This year we launched our online courses, and over 600 school staff have completed our online Professional Development training.

I created these courses from my experience as a high school teacher (10 years) and school counsellor (3 years) currently in private practice.

I know that working in a school environment is highly demanding and stressful. Teachers and other staff have high burn out rates and less and less time available to meet increasing demands.


I’m receiving more and more requests to run my professional development courses in schools, but it’s impossible to get to every school, especially when most schools have set dates for Professional Development. I had to say no to 8 schools who wanted the same date in July this year!

Not only that, but it’s also difficult to fit in all the travel demands for school staff in regional and rural areas.

Now your staff don’t need to travel, you don’t need to cover them with extras because staff can access high quality relevant training and continued support via our online library of professional development courses for school staff.

The beauty about these online courses is that staff can watch the video content in their online library and then join our monthly coaching calls live online where I present a 10 minute content piece then answer specific questions and help staff implement the strategies they cover in the online training.

What’s in each of the 3 courses?


The Online Accidental Counsellor Course

for any member of your school staff (not trained as counsellors) who find themselves responding to the emotional upset of students, parents and other staff

The online Accidental Counsellor Course has 8 modules (9.5 hours in total) and is endorsed by the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES), The Teacher Quality Institute ACT (TQI) and Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA).


There are 8 modules in the Online Accidental Counsellor Course:

[vc_infolist title=”Module 1: Start here. Accidental Counsellor Introduction”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 2: Psychology of Influence”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 3: Positive Psychology, Boundaries, Burn-out & Self-Care”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 4: Four Essential Communication Aspects”][/vc_infolist]
[vc_infolist title=”Module 5: Solution Focused Pattern. SFT Contract, Framework, Goals”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 6: Solution Focused Pattern. Miracle Question”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 7: Solution Focused Pattern. Exception Question”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 8: Solution Focused Pattern. Scaling Question”][/vc_infolist]


The Online Conscious Classroom Management Course

for classroom teachers and looks at how to manage difficult behaviour in the classroom and engage students in learning.

The online Conscious Classroom Management Course is also endorsed by the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) for 6.5 hours of online PD.

There are 17 modules in the Online Conscious Classroom Management Course:

[vc_infolist title=”Module 1: Classroom Management Introduction”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 2: Teacher Presence: Who We Are and What We Do”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 3: Teacher Presence: Belief”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 4: Teacher Presence: Belief Part Two”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 5: Teacher Presence: Inner Authority”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 6: Developmental Management Approach”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 7: Preventative Strategies: Setting Up Class Rules & Expectations”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 8: Preventative Management Strategies: Creating Procedures”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 9: Preventative Management Strategies: Procedures Lining up”][/vc_infolist]
[vc_infolist title=”Module 10: Preventative Management Strategies: Procedures Starting the Lesson”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 11: Preventative Management Strategies: Procedures Getting Class Attention”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 12: Preventative Management Strategies: Procedures Consistency”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 13: Preventative Management Strategies: Teacher-Student Relationship”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 14: Preventative Management Strategies: 7 Strategies To Create Engaging Lessons and Engage Students”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 15: Supportive Management Strategies”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 16: Corrective Management Strategies”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 17: Case Study Interview – How to transform “unmanageable students””][/vc_infolist]


The Online Wellbeing Resource

not only for school staff but also for students and parents

If your school subscribes we will also provide login details so students and parents can also access this material.

The Online Wellbeing Resource has simple practical strategies that help reduce stress and anxiety and also looks at evidence-based strategies from positive psychology that increase wellbeing.

There are 17 modules in the Online Wellbeing Course:

[vc_infolist title=”Module 1 : What is Stress?”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 2 : Stress and Peak Performance”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 3 : Positive Psychology – What Determines Happiness”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 4 : Quick Relaxation & Wellbeing Tips”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 5 : Learning how to relax – progressive muscle relaxation”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 6 : Meditation”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 7 : Mindfulness”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 8 : Stress and the way you think”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 9 : Changing your thinking”][/vc_infolist]
[vc_infolist title=”Module 10 : Turning negative thinking into positive thinking”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 11 : Breathing techniques”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 12 : Changing your focus”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 13 : Pressure points to help you relax”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 14 : Physiology – nutrition and sleep (To be released shortly)”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 15 : Time management (NEW)”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 16 : Self Image Beliefs (NEW)”][/vc_infolist][vc_infolist title=”Module 17 : How to create positive habits (NEW)”][/vc_infolist]

This is How it Works

  • Each staff member receives their own individual username and login
  • Each module has a recorded video and PDF worksheet
  • Print certificates for two of the courses. The Accidental Counsellor and Conscious Classroom Management
  • Use hours for endorsed professional development via BOSTES and TQI
  • The fee is for a 12 month subscription
  • Staff have access to all of the recorded material in all three courses
  • Online and flexible – staff can choose when they do the training and what courses and modules to work on first
  • Staff can choose to attend a monthly group coaching call for ongoing support as they implement the strategies in each course

Endorsed Professional Development For Teachers and School Staff

 Increase your skills in your own time at your convenience

Monthly No Fixed Term

$49 per month

Per Person

Save $291 pay annually

$297 P.A.

Per Person

Connect and Influence without Burning Out
Accidental Counsellor Training