Solutions Focused Formula – Miracle Question

Ignore those habits that’s not worth worrying and focus on the things that matter through the use of the Miracle Question.

Rocky Biasi here with video 5 of my new FREE Solutions Focused Formula Online Training.

In this video we look at the Miracle Question. In the previous video we looked at Exception Questions. You might recall this formula includes 4 questions that help people move from being stuck to discovering their own solutions and making their next best step.

So after the client identifies a goal. We help the assess their motivation and desire to achieve their goal, then we look at their strengths. And in this video about the Miracle Question we help them construct a vision of a solution for their best next step.

Helping the client construct a vision of a solution or next best step is critically important because it acts as a catalyst in bringing it about. The reason this works is because it opens the Reticular Activating System in the brain. The in the brain or RAS or as it’s otherwise known by its nickname the “gatekeeper” is what allows us to focus and pay attention to something or to ignore or not notice it.

Miracle Questions

Let’s use the example of Jennifer, you might recall that she wanted to connect and communicate better with her parents.

You can then ask the (MQ): So Jennifer, I want to ask you a different / strange type of question… You’ll need to use your imagination… Imagine that tonight after you do some homework, have dinner and do what you do…you go to bed and during the night there is this miracle…The miracle is that you and your parents are connecting and communicating better.

Now you wake in the morning and have no idea what’s happened because you were asleep… What would be something different – within you…that would tell you that the miracle has taken place. Feel better, talking and smiling at breakfast…What about if you need to talk about something that usually scared you or made you withdraw… With this miracle how would you do things differently….Jennifer paused and said, “maybe I’ll write it down first”…

The MQ is a wonderful way, especially when the person is feeling stuck, to change “channels” and dream and use imagination to look for small steps within the clients control that can help toward their goal.

In the next video I’ll put all of the 4 questions in this Solutions Focused Formula together and show you how they can work with each other.

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