Solution Focused Formula Interview Process

Oftentimes, while working with people, the most common issue I hear from them is that they seem to be ‘stuck’, and feel as if they’re not moving forward from the current state they are in.  Because of this, I came up with the Solutions Focused Formula to help people move on from the feeling of being stuck.

The solutions focused formula online training will include four questions that help people move from being stuck to discovering their own strengths and solutions.  My goal in developing this formula is to help accidental counsellors such as yourself to feel more sure and certain about how to help a person in need.  The Solutions Focused Formula provides a certain structure when doing your accidental counselling.

My Accidental Counsellor Training is a solutions focused approach.

Solutions Focused Counselling describes a particular counselling model. This model has a clear focus on the client strengths. It’s a goal – oriented approach with focus on the present and future more so than the past and analysing problems.

solutions-focused approach

The diagram begins with YOU as the solution! Yes that can sound provocative but it has been inspired by my good friend and mentor Dr David Lake who told me that, “I am the medicine”!

You see as an Accidental Counsellor YOU need to be well. This is where the focus on wellbeing for you as an Accidental Counsellor is critical because it allows you to connect to people and to the pain they are expressing to you.

It is then, when you are well and are able to connect to the person’s pain that you can influence them.

This series will look at influence and how we can use FOUR questions that help people to move from being stuck to discovering your own strengths and solutions.

Here is an overview of the 4 questions:


  • Goal Setting – establishing the purpose of the conversation
  • Assessing motivation and desire to achieve the goal
  • Looking for exceptions and strengths
  • The Miracle Question.

Follow through the series to understand how the whole Solutions Focused Formula is used to identify and lead a person to the path that can get them from being stuck, to unstuck.

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