Solutions Focused Formula Overview

The Solutions Focused Formula is a 4 question process that helps move people from feeling stuck to creating solutions. In this video I put together the questioning techniques from the previous videos in the series.

The key here is to help the person create a goal, follow the steps below and hit those goals:

Step 1: Determining the Goal or Purpose of the Interview or Conversation

The key here is to help the person create a goal.  This little point in talking about an outcome or solution if we don’t know what that is for.

In the video I use the case study of Jennifer student who approached me when I presented at school as a guest speaker. She told me that she was having problems with the parents.  I then asked, “what problems”? And that is really not the best question although it sounds an obvious or logical question to ask.

The difficulty with asking what problem is that it focuses the person’s attention on the problem and not only that in this case had Jennifer found it very difficult to talk about. What’s much better is the question I asked second and that was, “how would you like things to be with your parents”? That allowed Jennifer to focus on the desired outcome and that is step one.

You can find out more about this first step here.

Step 2: Assess desire or motivation

While it might seem obvious in this case I still asked this question, “why is this important you”?

It’s really useful to take a moment to connect the person’s desire and motivation with the goal they’ve just outlined When you do this you can use a scaling question . For example,  is Zero is not much at all and 10 is a lot how motivated how much do you want this to happen.

Find out more about motivation questions here.

Solutions Focused Formula

Step 3: Exception Questions

In the third step we want to help client access still own strengths and resources.  The way we can do that is by linking the goal with the previous success.

So we we could ask, have you been times when you’ve been able to communicate and connect better with your parents? Tell me about those times, what was different about this time is? Exception questions give hints towards possible next best steps.

Find out more about exception questions here.

Step 4: Miracle Questions

The miracle question helps the client construct a vision of the solution and this acts is a catalyst for bringing it about.

Find out more about the miracle question here.

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