Quick Relaxation Techniques

The online stress management resource for schools has several components that increase relaxation and wellbeing. The 15 modules contain:

  1. A short video
  2. Audio (MP3) files that can be downloaded onto mobile devices such as iphones, ipods, ipads etc.
  3. Worksheets and handouts with summaries and activities that can be downloaded, printed and distributed to students.

This is a short video (40 seconds) that goes inside the online stress management website and shows you what’s inside the resource.

[better_video link=”http://youtu.be/v4cOAJ_xEUU” autoplay=”” rel=”1″ controls=”” showinfo=”1″ byline=”” badge=”” vtitle=””]
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This is a short 30 second sample of  the 12 minute video in Module 4 : Quick Relaxation & Wellbeing Tips.

[better_video link=”http://youtu.be/64hBbHmU23Q” autoplay=”” rel=”1″ controls=”” showinfo=”1″ byline=”” badge=”” vtitle=””]

Email Rocky at info@humanconnections.com.au for more information.

Or go here http://humanconnections.com.au/online-wellbeing-resource-sales-page/ to trial the course. You can also enter your details to arrange subscription to the website.

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