The Solution Talk Guide™

The Solution Talk Guide™ is part of The Accidental Counsellor Training.

It will help you:

– Connect and establish rapport quickly with the person you are working with.

– Create and environment trust and safety.

– Facilitate new perspective that lead to new positive behaviours and can give returns in all areas of personal life.

Desired Outcome Questions

1. What difference would you like this session to make for you?

2. What would your closest friend hope be different for you as a result of us meeting?

3. What do you wish would be different as a result of you being here?

4. If you did know?

5. If I asked the person in your life who knows you best what do you think they’d say?

6. What do you imagine?

7. If I had asked you this question when you did know, what would you have said?

8. If I had asked you that question when you were at your most hopeful and motivated, what would you have said?

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Resource Talk Questions

1. What do you do for fun?

2. How did you become good at that?

3. What has it taken to stay good at that?

4. What would the closest person to you say is their favorite thing about you?

5. How do you show the people in your life that you care about them?

6. What has improved since we last spoke?

7. How did you do that?

8. When did you first notice that things were improving?

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Coping with the Problem

1. What would you like to experience instead of the problem?

2. When has the problem diminished or become less intense?

3. What was different about you while the problem was gone or less intense?

4. How did they notice the problem had gone away or become less intense

5. What difference did the problem going away or becoming less intense make in that person’s life?

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Preferred Future Description Questions

1. Suppose you went to sleep one night and a miracle happened that made things better, what is the first thing you would notice?

2. If you woke up tomorrow and your best hopes had become a reality, what would you first notice?

3. What else?

4. What would you do next?

5. What would you notice next?

6. Would you consider this a good thing?

7. What difference would that make?

8. Would that please you?

9. How would those close to you notice you were pleased?

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Scaling Questions

1. On a scale of zero to 10, with 10 representing your desired outcome has been realised and zero is the opposite, where are you today?

2. What puts you at that number?

3. How do you know you’re not at zero?

4. What have you done to prevent the situation from going down on the scale?

5. If you moved one point on the scale towards the realisation of your desired outcome, what is the first thing you would notice?

6. What have you done to get yourself to the number you are currently at?

7. Who has noticed you progressing up the scale?

8. What would you notice as clues that you were progressing?

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Follow Up Questions

1. What’s been better since our last session?

2. How’d you do that?

3. What skills did you draw upon to make those changes since our last session?

4. What’s been better since we last met?

5. What role did you play in things getting better since we last met?

6. What role did others play?

7. What are your best hopes for this session?

8. What does that progress do to your thoughts about the future?

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